Uninstall MyLucky123.com : Step by Step Its Removal Guide

Basic Information About MyLucky123.com



MyLucky123.com is a browser hijacker that claiming to be a legitimate Internet search engine. It is also known as My Lucky Search. It may seem very similar to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other legitimate search engines. So, many users believe that mylucky123.com is legitimate. In fact, this rogue site is promoted using deceptive software installation or download tools that hijack web browsers and modify various options. It will offer free videos or downloads, but in reality install the Mylucky123.com hijacker on your computer. It creates batch files for your installed browsers in the %AppData% folder to hijack your browsers. The browser hijacker modify the victim’s browser settings and windows registry database. It can take over your all working browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google chrome and Internet Explorer. My Lucky Search spy your browsing habits. According to your browsing habits, it can serve you related advertisements that you are more likely to click on. If user clicking any of them then it may redirect you to visit phishing sites that designed to look like legitimate sites. 



Reasons Which Tends To The Penetration Of MyLucky123.com?


  •  Browse rogue websites and Install pirated software
  •  Using torrent file sharing networks and outdated anti-virus software.
  •  Clicking suspicious images and links flickering over vicious web pages.
  •  By updating OS installed in the computer system on an irregular basis.
  •  Opening any junk or spam email attachments
  •  Install or download any freeware application from unauthorized sites.
  •  Visiting any suspicious links and watching adult movies.


Rogue Activities Of MyLucky123.com


If you computer is infected by this hijacker, then MyLucky123.com virus can easily redirect to potentially dangerous websites. The browser hijacker steal your all confidential details such as PIN number, IP address, user-name, password and bank related details. These data transfered to cyber criminals for illegal purpose. It can also spy the browsing activities of users. It causes reduce the surfing speed of your Internet connection and become PC performance very slow. Other problems caused by MyLucky123.com-


  •  It can displays annoying and irritating pop-up, ads and advertisements.
  •  Modify the default homepage and search engine of the web browser.
  •  It can alter your all browser settings.
  •  You may get redirected to unknown sites.
  •  Crack the firewall of the web browser.
  •  This threat also open a backdoor to hackers for remotely access your computer. So, it is necessary to remove MyLucky123.com from your PC.



How To Avoid MyLucky123.com?


  •  Always use updated anti-virus software.
  •  Do not install any freeware software to unauthorized sites.
  •  Be very careful, while you visiting online.
  •  Never open any email attachments.
  •  You should always use updated Windows versions.


Manual Removal Instruction of MyLucky123.com or My Lucky Search from Internet Explorer



1. Firstly, Open Internet Explorer, Press on the “gear icon” IE Icon Gear in the upper right part of your browser, After that press again on Internet Options.


2. Select on the “Advanced” tab, after that select on the “Reset” button in the “Internet Options” dialog box


3. In the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” section, click the “Delete personal settings” check box, after that select on “Reset” button.

4.When Internet Explorer has completed its task, then select on the “Close” button in the confirmation dialogue box. Now, you will need to close your browser, and then again you can open Internet Explorer.




If you are a technical user then remove My Lucky Search aka Mylucky123.com from the PC manually but if you are not a technical user then remove this browser hijacker by using automatically removal tool. These tool is completely remove the hijacker from the PC.